Custom Views

​Custom views represent additional views that a user may create to better fit its needs for tracking information in the project. In this sense, a user might customize the way project data is displayed. Views are composed from components that includes a screen, table, filter, and group, that can be customized when creating a new view. The screen is just the type of view (Gantt Chart, Task Usage, Calendar, etc.). The table defines which columns should be displayed. The filter and group settings also define what the view should show and how it should be displayed. All views have these defined, they just may be All Tasks and No Group.

In Microsoft Project, there are two types of custom view that you can create:

  •     Single views allow you to create a view containing a single table along with a single chart or form.
  •     Combination views allow you to combine two Single views together.


You can see your custom view in the same way as any existing view in the project.

Custom views may prove useful when you want to focus on specific project data and in this way you have to possibility to get an overview over a specific aspect of your project. In this sense, instead of adding every column of data that you'll ever need into one of the standard views provided by Microsoft Project (i.e. Gantt Chart), one more flexible solution is to create a custom view that gives you the core schedule data needed to define, track, and update your project schedule.


You can also combine two views in one custom view like in the picture below. In this way, you can split your views by using combination view, that it may prove to be a more efficient way to visualize task and resource information in one single place with little additional effort.


Application provides the possibility to view the custom views as they were created/modified and saved in MS Project (including tables, inserted/hidden columns, text styles, bar format, zoom, filter, sort, etc..). The custom views that were created and saved with the project plan are available from the More Views dialog and in the left view bar.

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Applies to version 2015 and higher.
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