Delete Resources

People leave projects, leave the company or, maybe because you misspelled a name, never really existed in the first place. In all these cases, you may need to delete the resource from your project.

To achieve this, perform the following steps:

    1. On the View menu, click Resource Sheet.

    2. Select the resource’s name, or select the row in the Resource Sheet that corresponds to the resource that you want to delete.

    3. Press the Delete key or use the Delete option under Resource tab or right click on the resource id and from the contextual menu select Delete Resource option. The IDs of the remaining resources will be automatically renumbered.

delete resource.png


  You can restore a deleted resource immediately after deleting it by clicking Undo option under Task tab. 

  Take into account the problems you might run into when deleting resources from your project:

  • The resource assignments involving this resource are also removed from the tasks in your project: deleting a resource means any assignments you’ve made are gone as well, such that   you run the risk of orphaning tasks without anyone to perform them
  • Costs could change: when you remove a resource from a task, the application deletes any actual costs associated with the resource


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Applies to version 2015 and higher.
Project Plan 365 for:
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