Delete multiple resources

Besides deleting one single resource from ​your project, you also have the possibility of deleting multiple resources at a time.

To achieve this, select multiple consecutive rows using either CTRL or SHIFT keys on your keyboard and then click on Delete option from the Task menu, or press on Delete key or use the Delete Resource option from the contextual menu to delete multiple resources at a time. The IDs of the remaining resources will be automatically renumbered.

Note: Be carefull when deleting multiple resources in your project, as it may affect your schedule and you may run into problems such as the following:

  • The resource assignments involving a resource are also removed from the tasks in your project: deleting a resource means any assignments you’ve made are gone as well, such that  you run the risk of orphaning tasks without anyone to perform them
  • Costs could change: when you remove a resource from a task, the application deletes any actual costs associated with the resource

     You can restore the multiple resources immediately after you deleted them, by using the Undo option under Task tab.


   Select a group of two resources in the Resource Sheet using the SHIFT key for multiple selection. As you can see below, the selected rows are highlighted with blue background.

   Then right click on a resource ID belonging to the multiple selection, and from the contextual menu choose Delete Resource option.

        delete multiple resources.png

​   You will notice that the IDs of the below resources will be automatically renumbered.