Insert Resources

Resources are typically people included in your project plan, whether or not they are assigned to tasks. However, a resource could also include anything that is used to complete a project, including, equipment and other materials. The whole project plan really starts when you've added resources and tasks are assigned to them.

To add resources in your project:

   Click the View tab and then click on Resource Sheet view.‚Äč

      Resource Sheet.png

    In the Resource Name field, type a work or material resource name.

    If you want to designate resource groups, then in the Group field for the resource name, type the name of the group.

    Specify the resource type: you can choose between two possible values from the drop-down list dropdown.png, either work (for work resources) or material (for material resources).

   The work resources are the ones that will burn effort and represent the people required to complete tasks in the project, whilst material resources are materials that are consumed by the project and can cover anything from single bricks to sacks of mortar to licences or the hardware for a server. The default value for an inserted resource is work type.

    Another possibility of inserting a resource in your project is to use the Insert option under Resource tab insert resource.pngor to press the Insert key on your keyboard. Alternatively, you can right click on the id of a resource and from the contextual menu click on New Resource option from the contextual menu.

    contextual menu.png

    This option allows you to insert a resource at any position in the list of resources from your project: either on top of the list, in the middle or at the bottom the list. In case you select a row in Resource Sheet and press Insert option the newly added resource will be inserted in the resource list above the selected row.

    The newly added resource has the name "<New Resource>" and is of type work.

    During entering resources in your project, you can use the Undo or Redo options under Task tab if you want to go one step forward or backward relative to your recent changes.

Note: When you assign a resource to a task, if the resource is a new one and it does not exist previously in your project, it will be automatically added to the resources list in the Resource Sheet and by default it will be a work resource.