Insert multiple resources

Besides adding one single resource in the resources list from ​your project, you also have the possibility of inserting multiple resources at a time.

To achieve this, select multiple consecutive rows using either CTRL or SHIFT keys on your keyboard and then click on Insert option from the Resource menu, or press on Insert key or use the New Resource option from the contextual menu to insert multiple resources at a time. These resources will be positioned above the selected rows in the resources list.

The number of newly inserted resources will be equal to the number of selected rows. The remaining resources will have their IDs automatically renumbered.

All the Inserted resources will have "<New Resource >" as name and will be of type work.


   Select a group of two resources in the Resource Sheet using the SHIFT key for multiple selection. As you can see below, the selected rows are highlighted with blue background.

   Then right click on a resource ID belonging to the multiple selection, and from the contextual menu choose New Resource option.

   insert multiple resources.png

  As a result, two new resources will be inserted at the same time above the first selected resource, and the below resources will have their IDs renumbered.