Install Project Plan Browse Web Part

​​​Housatonic Project Plan 365 Web comes with free SharePoint web part file ProjectPlan_BrowseOnly.dwp  that allows the users to view or edit MS Project files from SharePoint websites without any software installed on their PCs.

Follow the configuration steps below to download and instal Project Plan 365 Drop Down web part.

Step 1: Click to download ProjectPlan_BrowseOnly.dwp web part from our website

Step 2: Log to your SharePoint admin website and under SharePoiny settings select “Site Settings”

Step 3: Under "Galleries" section select "Web parts"​


Step 4 Select "Files" tab then select Upload Document option. At this point you will have to indicate the location of  our web part file



Step 5: After you selected the file, press OK button.


Step 6: At this point the ProjectPlan_BrowseOnly.dwp will be shown under the Web Part Gallery. 


Step 7: Then go to a section of your SharePoint site and add the webpart. When you are on the desired page, select “Edit Page” option under Site Actions menu




Step 7: At this point you should see the “Add a Web Part” option.   


Step 8: Click on “Add a Web Part” option to add the previously web part from the Web Part Gallery. In the opened dialog select “Default Web Parts”. You should found there the web part. Select it and click on “Add” button.


Step 9: After this, you would notice that under the "Add a Web Part" section on your page, the recently added web part will appear.


Step 10: Use the Browse button to select your desired mpp file. The MPP project file will be displayed in your browser. Click on various views and reports to display project information.