Install Project Viewer for SharePoint Server

​Bellow you'll find the detailed configuration steps to get your SharePoint website integrated with the Project Viewer 365 Web product. There are 2 possible methods to achieve this, depending on the web part file used.


  • Windows Server with SharePoint Services configured
  • Windows User with SharePoint "Reader" Rights

Con​figure "DropDown" Web Part

Step 1: Download Project Viewer 365 Web from our website, run setup and follow default instructions steps.

Step 2:  Download Project Viewer ​web part from link

Step 3: Go to your SharePoint website and under Site Actions select "Site Settings"


Step 4: Then under "Galleries" section select "Web parts"


Step 5: Move to "Documents" tab and under it select Upload Document option. At this point you will have to indicate the location of your web part file. In the opened dialog, point to "C:\Program Files\ViewerCentral\ProjectViewer365Web\SharePoint\ProjectViewer_DropDown.dwp"



Step 6 After you selected the file, press OK button.


Step 7: At this point the ProjectViewer_DropDown.dwp will be shown under the Web Part Gallery. 


Step 8: Then go to a section of your SharePoint site where you have mpp files and add the web part. When you are on the desired page, select "Edit Page" option under Site Actions menu.


Step 9: At this point you should see the "Add a Web Part" option.



Step 10: Click on “Add a Web Part” option to add the previously web part from the Web Part Gallery. In the opened dialog select “Default Web Parts”. You should found there the web part. Select it and click on “Add” button.



Step 11: After this, you would notice that under the “Add a Web Part” section on your page, the name of the recently added web part will appear:


Step 12: The Project Viewer DropDown WebPart should be successfully configured at this point. On your page with mpp files, expand the drop down menu and select Open with Project Viewer 365.


Step 13: Click on “Open with Project Viewer 365” option and the mpp file will be opened with Project Viewer 365. You should see something like this:



Step 14: Locate the folder where the ProjectViewer365Web/Server in installed (i.e. C:\Program Files\Viewer Central\ProjectViewer365Web\) and open Web.Config file in any text editor.

Make sure the tag <identity> shows like below:

<identity impersonate="true" userName="YourNTSharepointUser" password="Password" />

Step 15: To change the Project Viewer application URL  open administration page (Start / Viewer Central / Project Viewer 365 for Web / Project Viewer 365 for Web Administration), enter the desired URL in Application URL and press Apply.


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Applies to version 2015 and higher.
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