Keyboard Shortcuts

The following are the keyboard commands:

Keyboard function keys

Key Description
SHIFT+F2Task Information/Resource Information command (Project menu)
CTRL+F2Link Tasks command (Edit menu)
CTRL+SHIFT+F2Unlink Tasks command (Edit menu)
ALT+F3Display the Column Definition dialog box
SHIFT+F4Find an item again
ALT+F4Close program window
F10Activate menu bar
​Ctrl+C​Copy the selected data.
​Ctrl+X​Cut the selected data.
​Ctrl+V​Paste the copied or cut data.
​Delete​Delete the selected data.
​Insert​Inserts new task.
​Ctrl+F​Display the Find dialog box.
​Ctrl+Z​Undo the last action.
Ctrl+YRedo the last action.
​Alt+Home​Move to the beginning of a project (timescale).
​Alt+End​Move to the end of a project (timescale).
​Shift+Down Arrow​Extend the selection down one row.
​Shift+Up Arrow​Extend the selection up one row.
​Ctrl+Spacebar​Select a column.
​Alt+F10Assign Resources

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Applies to version 2015 and higher.
Project Plan 365 for:
Win PC/Server
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