Link Unlink tasks

Change the link type of a task dependency

By default, application links tasks in a finish-to-start dependency. You can, however, easily change the type of task dependency on the Predecessor tab of the Task Information dialog box. To open the Task Information dialog box, double-click the name of the task whose link type you want to change.

On  Gantt Chart view double-click the link line that you want to change.

click.gifTo change a link type, double-click here.

To change the type of task dependency, select a different type from the Type list.

Link to a different task

If you have a task that is currently linked to the wrong task, you can easily modify the link so that it reflects the correct dependency.

       On Gantt Chart view.

       In the task list, click the task for which you are changing the link.

       Click Task Information tassk info.gif.

      On the Predecessors tab, in the Task Name column, click the task that should not be linked, and then select a task from the list to identify the correct dependency.

      Modify the link type, lag time, or lead time in the Type and Lag columns.

      To enter lead time, type a negative value in the Lag column, such as –2 for two days of lead time.

Remove all dependencies for a task

If your task is no longer dependent on any other tasks, you can remove all of the task's dependencies at once.

    On  Gantt Chart view.

   In the Task Name field, select the tasks that you want to unlink.

   To select multiple tasks that are not listed consecutively, hold down CTRL and click each task. To select tasks that are listed consecutively, click the first task, hold down SHIFT, and then click the last task that you want to select in the list.Unlink Tasks button image

     unlink.gifClick Unlink Tasks 

The tasks are rescheduled, based on any links to other tasks or constraints.


Removing a task link removes the dependency between two tasks, as indicated by the link lines between the tasks. If you want to change the hierarchical structure of a task or subtask as part of an outline structure for your project, then you need to outdent the task rather than remove the task link.

Remove specific task dependencies

If your task is linked to several tasks and you need to remove specific links while leaving some intact, you can choose which links to remove in the Predecessor column.

      On Gantt Chart view.

      In the Predecessor column, click the prececessor cell task for which you are removing dependencies.

      Then press DELETE.


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