Max Units

​The Max Units field contains the maximum percentage or number of units representing the maximum capacity for which a resource is available to accomplish any tasks during the current time period. The default for the Max Units field is 100 percent.

You can specify maximum units in the Resource Sheet view - Max Unit column.

How Calculated    If you have set the resource units in the Resource Information dialog box, this value is displayed in the Max Units field.

Best Uses    Add the Max Units field to a resource view when you want to display, filter, or modify the maximum units that a resource is available for work on any assigned task for the current time period. The Max Units field interacts with the Assignment Units field for an assignment. If you assign a resource to more units than allowed by the Max Units field, application will indicate that this resource is overallocated. 

Examples    Sean is working half-time on your project, and half-time on another group's project, so you set Sean's Max Units field to 50 percent. Later, you inadvertently assign Sean to a task at a unit of 100 percent. Sean is now overallocated. ​