Move Row

​By moving tasks in Gantt Chart and Tracking Gantt views, you can quickly move tasks around your project plan within an existing task list. In this way, you don't need to delete an existing task, and then have to re-insert the task where you wish it to be placed within the project plan.

You can use the ‘Drag and Drop’ facility to move your tasks effortlessly around your task list. The quickest way to move a task in an outline is to use the drag-and-drop method.

How to move tasks within an existing list

Tasks often need to be moved up or down the task list, either within their own summary tasks or to within other summary tasks.

Moving a task can change its outline level. A task retains its level in the outline only when you move the task to follow a task at the same level.

Comparatively, if you move a lower-level task to a section of tasks at a higher level — for example, move a third-level task to a section of second-level tasks — the moved task takes on the level of the task preceding it. And the converse is true when you move a higher-level task to follow a lower-level task.

If the row that you want to move represents a summary task, the summary task is moved with all its subtasks.


   To move one task below another within the same summary task perform the following:

    1. Select the entire row corresponding to the task by clicking on the cell containing the task ID


    2. Drag the task to its desired position, indicated by a line cursor


     3. Then drop the task at its new position


General tips in moving tasks

   1. Move tasks before linking them.
   2. Use Undo to move the task back to its original row if required.