Options dialog

·         General Settings



o   Language

You may change the active language of the application by selecting a language from the Select Language combo box. The supported languages are the following: English, French, German, Spanish, Italian, Japanese, Chinese, Czech, Sweden, Dutch, Russian, Romanian and All Language combined.​


o   Date Format
Date formats are based on system date formats. For example, if you enter a date as 2/3/03, this will be interpreted as either February 3rd, or March 2nd, depending on the system's regional setting for date formats.
To change the Date Format, open Date format dialog and pick the format you want. In this way, you can change the date format in all the views of the application by choosing from a list of available formats.


o   Currency Options

Change the currency settings for your project

From the Currency combo box, select the name of the currency that you want to use and the corresponding symbol will be automatically updated.

In the Placement box, select the position that you want the currency symbol to occupy.

In the Decimal digits box, select the number of digits after the decimal that you want to display.


You cannot use more than one currency per project. Before consolidating projects with different currency settings into one project file, you need to change the settings in each individual project to a common currency and update the cost values accordingly.

Changing the currency settings only affect the current project.

Project Info


o   Project Name -specifies the project title.

o   Manager -specifies the manager name.

o   Company - specifies the Company

o   Project Start date- specifies the Project Start date

o   Project Calendar - specifies the Project Calendar

·         Advanced


       In this tab user can change or consult next functionality:

o   View options for time units(minutes, hours, days, weeks, months, years)

o   Add space before label

o   Outline options

§  Indent name

§  Show outline number

§  Show outline symbol

§  Show summary tasks

§  Show Project Summary task


o   General Options

§  Open last file on startup

§  Show Highlight

§  Recently used file list

§  User name