Renew Universal Project 365 Subscription Licenses

​​​A Universal Project 365 Subscription account gives you access to services such as Advanced Viewer or Complete Editor on all devices and platforms. We ask just a valid email address and password during sign up in order to keep your account secure and make sure you have a great experience, no matter which device or platform you use.

You have the possibility to ma​​nage your Universal Project 365 Subscription account and find related information about your account and the subscription associated with your account. To manage your account, you will first need to sign in into your Universal Projects Subscription account.

To Renew first access the Manage Account page, then following steps:

     Click on “Renew” button in the Account Information page.

    Account Information page for a single subscription owned 


Account Information for both Complete Editor and Advanced Viewer subscriptions owned


Once you do that, you are redirected to Renew page


Here you can select the same quantity owned, a smaller or a bigger quantity. In order to renew a smaller or a bigger quantity please read the “CO-TERM info” section.

After purchase, the Account Information page will be updated with the new quantity, start date and end date.


Additional Information

1.      You can renew the same quantity you have but also a smaller and a bigger quantity. Please read "CO-TERM" section.
2.      If you renew the same quantity, there will be an update on end date and the total amount of licenses will be the same.
3.      Renewal is not automatically processed. You need to manually renew your subscriptions.
4.      On renew, no discount will be applied.​

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Applies to version 2015 and higher.
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