Universal Project 365 Subscription

Universal Platform Subscription (UPS)

Take advantage of our Universal Platform Subscription (UPS) that lets you subscribe yearly for one low price, and then use all of the different flavors of Project Plan 365 – no matter what platform or device you on at the moment.

For example, say you are a PC user at work, and an Apple user at home. With a UPS license, you can easily use Project Plan 365 on your PC at work and on your Mac or iPad at home. By having a UPS license, you get access to everything - that works everywhere – for just one low price.

Your UPS license includes access to Project Plan 365 for all supported Platforms(Win, Mac, IOS, Android and Online):

Download Project 365 app for all available platforms:


Access Project 365 Online and sign in using your credentials:



Difference between Complete Editor and the Advanced Viewer

Project Plan 365 comes in two basic flavors: Complete Editor and Advanced Viewer.

The Complete Editor subscription($129.99/user/year) allows you full access to create new, edit and save project plans in standard MPP format.

The Advanced Editor subscription($19.99/user/year) allows you to view –only your MPP project file

For a detailed comparison between Complete Editor and Advanced Viewer click here.


Each UPS license includes:

·         Access to all Project Plan 365 “flavors” for one full year

·         Easy subscription renewals through your Project Plan 365 website account

·         Full maintenance & support for the life of your subscription​