Undo Redo

‚ÄčApplication provides single-level undo/redo (it allows just one undo/redo level), enabling you to make changes, and then to revert back to the state of your project plan before you made the last changes. In this way, only one step is stored/ restored.

Undo undo b.jpg

Keyboard:       CTRL+Z

Quick access toolbar

quic u.jpg 

Undo undo b.jpg -Reverses the most recent command.

Undo is available to reverse the action of most commands: delete task /resources, insert tasks/resources, rename tasks/ resources, cut/copy/paste tasks and resources, move elements, insert/hide/move columns, link/unlink and assign resources

Example: You deleted a task or group of tasks, can be restored immediately by clicking the Undo button,,

Delete tasks example:


Redo redo.jpg.

Keyboard:       CTRL+Y

Quick access toolbar

quic r.jpg

 Redo redo.jpg command -Repeats the command you have just undone, reversing the Undo command.‚Äč

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Applies to version 2015 and higher.
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