View Outline Levels

Outline: A hierarchical structure for a project that shows how some tasks fit within broader groupings. You can show or hide the subtasks of a summary task. For example, you may want to hide your subtasks to display only top-level tasks, and then print that view to create a summary report of your project.

On the View menu, click Gantt Chart.

In the Task Name field, select the summary task containing the subtasks you want to show or hide.

Click Show Subtasks [1]image1.png to show the subtasks or click Hide Subtasks [1]image2.png to hide the subtasks.

 Show all subtasks, click Show [1] image3.png , and then click All Subtasks [1].

You can also show and hide subtasks by clicking the summary task's outline symbol. Outline symbols indicate whether a summary task has subtasks displayed image4.gif or does not have subtasks displayed  image5.gif

An outline symbol presenting a plus sign indicates a summary task with its subtasks hidden.

An outline symbol presenting a minus sign indicates a summary task with its subtasks showing.

Hide and show all subtasks up to a specific outline level

To show only part of the outline, click Outline, and then click the outline level number up to which you want to view.


 [1] This option is available only in Project Viewer for Win PC/Server, Project Viewer for Win Web/Server, Project Viewer Online Subscription, Project Viewer for SharePoint Server, Project Viewer for SharePoint Online, Project Plan 365 for Win PC/Server, Project Plan 365 for Win Web/Server, Project Plan 365 Online Subscription, Project Plan 365 for SharePoint Server and Project Plan 365 for SharePoint Online products