Lesson 2: Scheduling

  In this part of the tutorial you will:
  • learn about different settings a project can have regarding language, currency, date format, fonts
  • learn about how scheduling of tasks can be done with PP365
  • learn how to create a WBS structure and set default schedule type
  • learn how to add recurring tasks in your project
  • learn how to add constraints to the tasks in your project
  • learn how to set calendars and insert holidays and time-off periods for the resources in your project
  • learn how to create dependencies between your tasks and plan the required activities from your project
  • visualize the critical path in order to assess the critical aspects from your project
  • find out how to insert, delete, move and copy tasks from your project
  • learn how to apply formatting of tasks and bars in the chart
  • find out how to insert and assign resources in your project