Lesson 2: Insert/Delete/Move/Copy


At any point during the planning phase of your project, you may realize that you forgot to add some tasks or in the contrary that you may want to remove some existing tasks from your project. Also you can move tasks in your project, if you want to change their order, by using Cut and Paste options or by moving rows using drag and drop, or create a copy of a certain task by using Copy and Paste options.

You can add a new task in the project by using the Insert option under the Task menu, or by selecting the row where you want to insert a new task, and press Insert key or by right click on a task id and select New Task from the contextual menu. When you add a task, Project Plan 365 automatically renumbers the task ID numbers.

To delete a task in your project, you can use Task → Delete option or by selecting a task and then pressing the Delete key or by right click on a task id and select Delete Task from the contextual menu. To select a whole task (i.e. row from the left side Gantt grid) click on the ID number for that task, so that the whole row will be selected. If you delete a summary task all of its subtasks are also deleted. After you delete a task, Project Plan 365 automatically renumbers the remaining tasks.

You can cut a task by using the Cut option under the Task menu. This option allows you to cut a task or a group of tasks, if multiple tasks were selected.

You may use the Copy command to copy selected tasks to the clipboard. The Copy option can be accessed under the Task menu.

The Paste command may be used in combination with Copy or Cut commands to paste the previously copied or cut task or the entire group of the selected tasks. The Paste option can be found in the Task menu.

icon_exercises.png           Practice

   1. Select the task with ID = 9 (Submit monthly requests for payment) using the Copy command and paste it before task having the name 'Construction final notice' (it can be found under the summary task called 'Complete Final Inspections'). To do this, select the task 'Construction final notice' and then click on Paste option from the Task menu.

   You should obtain the following:

Press the Undo button to revert back your changes.Undo option is available under Task menu and it resets the last applied action or set of actions on project file. Similar to Undo there is Redo command, that allows you to retrieve the last Undo change or list of undone changes made on your project file. Redo option can also be found in Task menu.

   2. Suppose that we want to delete a summary task from our project. Let's say it's the task with ID = 11 (Long Lead Procurement). Since it's a summary task all of its subtasks will also be deleted. Select summary task Long Lead Procurement and press Delete key. This is what you will get:


           If you changed your mind and you want to bring back a deleted task, you can use Undo command, to restore the previously deleted task.

   Let's suppose that we want to restore the Long Lead Procurement summary task that we deleted previously. Click on the Undo option and you will notice that the summary task together with its subtasks will be restored.