Lesson 2: View Critical Path

The critical path contains a list of linked tasks that directly affects the project finish date. If any task on the critical path is late, the whole project is late. The Critical Path within a project plan indicates the series of tasks which must be completed on time for a project to finish on schedule. Each task on the critical path is a Critical Task. Any delay to the Critical Path would directly result in the delay the overall project's schedule.

Analysis based on the critical path might be essential for the success of the project. The PM must know which tasks are constrained to given dates and which may be delayed (and how much) in order to meet the project finish date.

The critical path/tasks may be visualized in Gantt Chart during planning by activating the Critical Path button from Project menu → Critical Path. The critical tasks will be colored in red in the Gantt chart.

Project Plan 365 calculates the finish date of a schedule based on the durations of tasks on the critical path – ​the sequence of tasks from the start date to the finish date of the project that must finish on time for the entire project to finish on time. Any delay among tasks on the critical path will result in the project finishing later than planned. The critical path is identified by the series of consecutive critical tasks in your schedule. To adjust the finish date of your schedule, focus on altering critical tasks.

A critical task may be defined as a task that must be completed on schedule for the project to finish on time. If a critical task is delayed, the project completion date is also delayed.

image003.gif Practice
              1. For the currently project plan, use the Critical Path option (Project → Critical Path) to view the critical path in the project.

    ​               2_View_critical_path1.png      

  2. For the task with ID = 57 (Install millwork and wood trim) delete its predecessor. What is the new duration of the project? How will be the critical path affected?

  Use the Undo option to revert back to your previous state.