Lesson 4: Tracking - Add Task Notes


During the scheduling an​d execution phases of a project, it is commonly to add some specific information about a task, in the form of a text associated to that task. Examples may include things to be taken into account or remembered regarding a specific task, some comments about it, observations associated to a task once a progress was recorded for a task, etc.

The Task Notes option is available in the following views: Gantt Chart, Tracking Gantt, Task Usage and Resource Usage. If a task is selected this option displays the Notes attached to it. Alternatively you can see the notes that a task has, if you double-click on a task and go to the Notes tab from the opened Task Information dialog.

In Indicators column, there will be displayed a graphical indicator Notes Icon for the tasks that has associated a note.

Task Notes       

You can print the notes associated to the tasks by checking Print Notes option in the Page Setup. The notes will be printed at the end of the document.

icon_exercises.png           Practice

   1. For task with ID = 5 (Prepare and submit project schedule), from Task menu click on Task Notes option and add the following note associated with this task: "some advice may be needed"​


     2. Using Task Information dialog, Notes tab, add the note "task completed; some feedback may be useful" for task with ID = 3 (Receive notice to proceed and sign contract).

     3. For the recurring task with ID = 20 (Team meeting and discussion with partners) add the following note: "check progress and discuss about next steps".

Your project plan will look like: