​​​Lesson 1 : Project Management Basics​
(30 Minutes)

cover basic project management concepts, involved in the next lessons
​​Lesson 2 :​​​ Create an Advanced Schedule(1 Hour)oie_transparent.pngVideo
create a first schedule, that includes the activities needed in your project
Lesson 3 : Enhance Tasks and Add Resources​​(30 Minutes)oie_transparent.pngVideo
enhance your schedule and add resources needed for the completion of your project
Lesson 4 : Define Calendars​​(30 Minutes)oie_transparent.pngVideo
add calendars to your project to model more acurrately the working time of your resources
Lesson 5 : Assign Resources and Add Costs​​(1 Hour)oie_transparent.pngVideo
assign resources to the tasks in your project and enter costs for your resources and tasks

Lesson 6 : Formatting ​​(30 Minutes)oie_transparent.pngVideo
format the appearance of your Gantt Chart by changing the way the text and taskbars look

Lesson 7 : Sharing (30 Minutes)

  prepare your project for collaboration, and print, save, export and share it with your team members and stakeholders
Lesson 8 : Tracking(1 Hour)oie_transparent.pngVideo
start tracking your project by setting a baseline, adjust the resources cost and crash the schedule to meet a deadline
Lesson 9 : Enter Progress(1 Hour)oie_transparent.pngVideo
track your project by recording progress on tasks, examine actual and remaining fields and add task and resource notes
Lesson 10 : Reporting​​(1 Hour)oie_transparent.pngVideo
learn about available reports and supported views and tables, apply sorting and filtering, and compare two projects