Lesson 2:​​​ Create an Advanced Schedule

  In this part of the tutorial you will:
  • learn about different settings a project can have regarding language, currency, date format, fonts
  • learn about how you can have your schedule regularly saved and how you can restore it in case of a crash
  • learn about how scheduling of tasks can be done with PP365
  • learn how to create a WBS structure and set default schedule type
  • learn how to add recurring tasks in your project
  • learn how to add constraints to the tasks in your project
  • learn how to create dependencies between your tasks and plan the required activities from your project
  • find out how to insert, delete, move and copy tasks from your project
  • learn about task type and task mode

   Below you can find the list of topics that will be covered in this lesson. At the end of this list, you will find a lab page, summing up the hands-on exercises: