Overview Project Plan 365


Project Plan 365 is the perfect solution for project planning in an agile framework, with teams working in fast-paced collaborative environments that may include disparate geographic locations.

PP365 offers support for efficiently building a project plan, tracking the plan during execution and sharing the plan with team members that have restricted write access as decided by the PM (Project Manager). Also Project Plan 365 is an intuitive solution for creating, opening and sharing Microsoft® Project compatible files (MPP) from any storage, platform or device.

The Housatonic Project Plan 365 application supports a wide range of users and is designed to support the Microsoft® Project viewing (MPP files) needs of the entire project team or organization:

  1. Project Team Members can view project information right from their desktop using any standard browser.

  2. Project Managers can easily publish or email project information and make it available in a matter of seconds to the entire project team.

  3. Executives can view project plans and get quick access to project reports, status reports and other critical information.

A big picture of the above roles that Housatonic Project Plan 365 supports can be depicted as below:


Features it offers:

  - Teams: Perfect for teams working in fast-paced collaborative environments which may include across disparate geographic locations

  - Save & Share: Save as MPP or XML & share via live presentation, email, OneDrive, Google Drive, Office 365, Dropbox, SharePoint, etc.

  - View: Team Members can view, sort, filter, print, zoom, read notes, etc.

  - Feedback: Team Members provide updates such as: work completed, notes, etc.

  - Overview: Create a consolidated view across multiple projects with an "executive" dashboard

  - Reports: Generate cost, allocation, schedule, "who does what, when" reports