Lesson 2: Set Project Start Date


In most situations, a project should be scheduled from a known start date. When you create a new project plan, you should start by specifying the start date of your project. Each project has a start date that marks the point in time when the activities related to the project may start.

The first step in creating a schedule is opening a new file and designating a project start date or finish date, as well as other general project information. For most projects, it is most effective to schedule a project from a start date and let Project Plan 365 determine the finish date based on the tasks, durations, dates, and other information you enter. If you don't enter a project start date or finish date, Housatonic Project automatically uses the current date as the start date.

To set up the Project Start Date in Project Plan 365 follow these steps:

 1. On the Project menu, click Project Information.

 2. Click on the right corner of the Start date box to open the date picker, and then select a start date from which to schedule the project.


  3.  Press OK in this dialog, so that changes will take place in your project.

By default the Start Date is set to be the current date.

The Finish Date of the project will automatically be computed and updated by the application.

Once the Project Start Date has been set, each new task you create will have by default as Start Date the Project Start Date or the next working day if the Project Start Date is a nonworking day. Subsequently, the start date of a task may get changed due to constraints you impose by linking tasks or editing the start date.

image003.gif  Practice

   1. Using the Project Information option available under Project menu, change the start date of the project to be 15-08-2016 (i.e. 15th August 2016).


image003.gif  Video

       If you prefer to see things in action, rather than reading text, watch out this video, which covers some of the topics from this section.