Lesson 2: Modify Task Type


After the WBS structure was created and your project is now divided into several stages, you can anytime modify the task type of a task if you consider that a particular task should have a different type that the rest of the tasks. Keep in mind that at the beginning, before introducing the tasks in your project, among the general settings for your project, you can specify the default task type from Schedule section of Options dialog. (File → Options menu). This implies that all the newly inserted tasks in your project would conform to the selected task type.

Using the Task Information dialog you can refine the task type for each individual task, to better fit your scheduling needs.   

image003.gif  Practice

   1. For the commercial construction project plan, let’s suppose that we want to change the task type for task with ID = 7 and set it to Fixed Duration. To achieve this, double click on the task with ID = 7 (Submit monthly requests for payment). In the opened Task Information dialog, go to Advanced tab and select Fixed Duration as task type.


            2. If you insert the Type column, you will notice that all the tasks, except the summary tasks and the previously edited task, have their task type set to Fixed Units. To insert the Type column, select Predecessors column and under Format menu, select Insert Column option. Choose as Field Name Type.


                You should get something like this. The Type column will be inserted in front of the Predecessors column:


             Select the Type column and press on Hide Column option from Format menu to hide this column, since we will no longer need it. 

image003.gif  Video

       If you prefer to see things in action, rather than reading text, watch out this video, which covers some of the topics from this section.