Lesson 2: Fonts and Bar Formats


To better highlight certain tasks or phases during the execution of your project, Project Plan 365 gives you the possibility to apply font styling to different tasks in your project or to change the default bar format of your tasks in the Gantt Chart.

By using the Bar option available under Format menu you can change the color, shape, or pattern of an individual Gantt bar, rather than a type of bar, if you want to highlight a specific task in your plan. To do this, on Gantt Chart view in the Task Name field, select the task whose Gantt bar you want to change, then on the Format menu, click Bar, and then click the Bar Shape tab. Under Start, Middle, and End, select shapes, types or pattern, and colors for the bar. 

You can also double-click the other bars to format them, being careful to point to the bars and not to the space surrounding them. When double-clicking on a task bar in the right side panel of Gantt Chart, a Format Bar dialog will be shown just as in the case you would selected the Bar option from the Format menu.

Besides the Bar Shape tab, in the Format Bar dialog, there is another tab called Bar Text from where you can specify how certain text should be displayed along a task bar

In addition to format individual taskbars, you can also modify the look & feel of the bars of different task types such as: regular tasks, summary tasks and milestones. Not only you can change the appearance of the bar, but you can also add text around the bar. Any of the fields available to be added to a table is also available to be added on top of, below, to the right of, to the left of, or inside a bar. Therefore, the Bar Styles option allows you to make view-wide changes to all the bars in the Gantt Chart view, whilst by using the Bar option you can apply changes to only a specific bar that you've selected.

Another useful option that allows you to quickly change the appearance of bars in the right side of Gantt Chart is Gantt Chart Style. Using this option you can easily change the Gantt bars quickly by choosing among some predefined styles.

At the same time, in Project Plan 365 it is possible to set fonts for individual elements from your project. To specify Font/Style/Size for a selected text, follow next steps:

1. On the Format menu, click Font.

2. Select the font, font style, and font size in the Font, Font Style, and Size boxes.

3. To underline text, select the Underline check box.

4. In the Color box, specify the color you want to use.

Also there is the Text Styles option under the Format menu, which allows you to customize the text style from Gantt Chart view. You can highlight categories of tasks, or you may want to format a Gantt Chart view to quickly identify specific tasks. Use the Text Styles command to format all tasks in a particular category, such as summary tasks, milestones or critical tasks. You can also format column titles, timescale text, and bar text on the Gantt Chart.​

icon_exercises.png           Practice

   1. To quickly change the appearance of your taskbars in the right side of Gantt Chart use Gantt Chart Style option from the Format menu. Select a style among the predefined ones:

You should get something like this:


2. Double-click on the bar corresponding to task with ID = 3 (Receive notice to proceed and sign contract) and from the opened Format Bar dialog, under Middle choose the blue color and select a different shape to be used in displaying the bar of this task.

Also select each of the tasks with ID = 4, 5, 6 and 8, and using Bar option under Format menu, for the middle shape choose the violet color. For task with ID = 7 (Obtain building permits) choose a different shape for the Start Shape and green color:​


​ For task with ID = 12 (Submit shop drawings and order long lead items - steel) select a different color for the start, middle and end portion of taskbar and diamond shape for start and end portion of the taskbar.
 For task with ID = 18 (Detail, fabricate and deliver steel) choose a different color and pattern for the middle shape. perform a similar thing for task with ID = 36 (Install exterior fire line and building fire riser).

   After these changes the right side of your Gantt Chart should look like below:


 2. Use the Bar Styles option under Format menu to format the appearance of the milestone tasks. Change their color in red. In the Bar Styles dialog, select Summary and click on Text tab. Select the field Duration to appear in the left side of a taskbar.
 After these changes the right side of your Gantt Chart should look like below:

  3. Use the Text Styles option under Format menu to format the font and appearance for the milestone tasks in your project.
After this, your project plan will look like:
​   4. Select consecutive rows (use SHIFT key for multiple row selection) corresponding to task id = 3 to 9 and from the Task menu click on Font option. Set the font color to red. Perform the same process for other consecutive rows setting for them a different color for text. Select rows corresponding to tasks with ID = 21 to 23 and specify a different background color.
After these changes your project plan should look like: