Lesson 6: Font


To better highlight certain tasks or phases during the execution of your project, Project Plan 365 gives you the possibility to apply font styling to different tasks, such it is possible to set fonts for individual elements from your project. The Font option modifies the font, font size, and color for the selected text. In this way, you can apply formatting for individual tasks, rows, columns or cells in the left grid of the Gantt Chart, such as to better fit your visualizing needs. Use the Font command to format only selected text.

Individual text formatting overrides formatting applied using the Text Styles command. For example, if you use the Text Styles command to format all noncritical tasks as regular 8-point, you can use the Font command to format a selected noncritical task as 10-point italic. The Font command affects only the task you select.

To apply a different font to a specific task, cell or group of cells in the left side grid of Gantt Chart, first select the text which you want to customize its appearance. Then go to the Format menu and press on Font option.


In the opened dialog, you can specify a new formatting style to be applied to the selected text by indicating:

   Font - Select the font name.

   Font Style - Select a style for the font.

   Size - Select or type a font size.

   Underline - Select if you want underlined text.

   Color - Select a color for the text and background.

   Sample - Shows the font as it will appear.


To format all tasks in a particular category, such as summary tasks or critical tasks, use the Text Styles command, which can also be found in the Format menu. You can also use the Text Styles command to format column titles, the timescale, and bar text on the Gantt Chart. In this way, rather than using Font option for changes to the current object's text, styles can be applied by task type to show emphasis.

image003.gif  Practice

         1. In the commercial construction project, for the project summary task, which is the first row in the table, let’s select the cells from the duration, work, start and finish columns. Hold down the shift key to select multiple cells at one. Then press on Font option from the Format menu.


         2. In the opened Font dialog, you can see that you can specify a particular font, style, size and colors for the selected text. To emphasize the duration, work, start and end dates for the project, choose Bold Italic for Font Style and orange for the text color.


         Press OK in this dialog and notice the change in the row corresponding to task with ID = 0, which is the project summary task:


         3. Besides that, you can select multiple rows at once using multiple selection and use a certain font and color to highlight them. Let’s select the rows from id = 2 to 7 and press on Font command. Use the SHIFT key for selecting consecutive rows in the grid. From the Font dialog, select dark red as color to be used for displaying these rows.



         Notice that all the text from the consecutive rows will be displayed with the same color.


         4. Perform the same process for other consecutive rows, setting for them a different color for text. After these changes your project plan should look like:



         5. Now select the rows with ID = 26, 27 and 28, corresponding to the three team meetings and using the Font dialog, specify grey as background color:


               As you can see, the three tasks under the recurring task are highlighted with a different background color:




image003.gif  Video

       If you prefer to see things in action, rather than reading text, watch out this video, which covers some of the topics from this section.