Lesson 3: Lab B Share Commercial Construction Plan


 image003.gif Lab B - Share Commercial Construction Plan

Using Project Plan 365 for PC/Server application, work on the project plan describing the construction of an office building, created during Lab A - Create Commercial Construction Plan. This should cover sharing the project with your team members and other stakeholders. Perform in order the following steps:

  • Step 1: Save your project plan on a shared folder from a cloud storage location. Make sure that you setup on your desired cloud all the necessary access levels and permissions for your team members on the shared folder/file to be used for collaboration. (see Practice section from Save Project Plan topic)
  • Step 2: Print your project plan so that you can easily distribute to your team members and other stakeholders. Print Schedule topic)
  • Step 3: Generate a share link for your project and send it to your team members. Also use the Email Link option to send an email containing the link to the shared file. (see Practice section from Share Link topic)
  • Step 4: Use the Send as Attachment option to send your project plan in PDF format as attachment in an e-mail to your stakeholders. (see Practice section from Email As Attachment topic)
  • Step 5: Inspect the viewers offered by Project Plan 365 available for Web, tablets, phones and Mac, providing you convenient ways to analyze project information from MS Project files. (see Practice section from View from Web, View from Tablets, View from Phones and View from Mac topics)
  • Step 6: Use Export functionality offered by Project Plan 365 to export your project plan in various formats: MPP, XML, PDF, Image, PowerPoint, Excel, Word and Dashboard. (see Practice section from Export Options topic)

At the end of these steps, you should obtain a project plan like CommercialConstruction_lesson2.mpp.