Lesson 4: Lab C Edit Commercial Construction Plan

     image003.gif   Lab C - Edit Commercial Construction Plan 

Using Project Plan 365 for PC/Server application, work on the project plan describing the construction of an office building, created during Lab B - Share Commercial Construction Plan. This should cover the tracking phase of your project. Perform in order the following steps:

  • Step 1: Open a project plan from your local device. (see Practice section from Open Project Plan topic)
  • Step 2: Open a project plan from Google Drive cloud. (see Practice section from Open from Clouds topic)
  • Step 3: Modify information for some tasks to better reflect your scheduling needs. (see Practice section from Modify Task Info topic)
  • Step 4: Insert columns in your project to view the desired project information. (see Practice section from Insert More Columns topic)
  • Step 5: View costs in your project to have a better overview of the costs incurred by your project. (see Practice section from View Cost Info topic)
  • Step 6: Set a baseline for your project to create a reference point back in time to serve for further comparison of actual vs. planned data. (see Practice section from Baseline topic)
  • Step 7: Take the necessary actions when your project must strictly comply with a fixed deadline. (see Practice section from Adjust Schedule topic)
  • Step 8: Mark the completed tasks from your project and enter percent complete values for your tasks to better track the current progress of your project. (see Practice section from Mark Tasks Complete topic)
  • Step 9: Add notes for the tasks of your project to associate comments to the tasks In your project. (see Practice section from Add Task Notes topic)
  • Step 10: Use zoom functionality to have a quick overview of how your tasks stretches along your project's timespan. (see Practice section Zoom/Time Scale topic)
  • Step 11: Use Find task facility to quickly locate a task in your project. (see Practice section Find Task topic)

At the end of these steps, you should obtain a project plan like CommercialConstruction_lesson3.mpp.