​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​Cut task, resource

You can cut:

entire tasks or resources

tasks, resources, or project data.

Cut a task or resource

Although you can cut a task or resource at any time, it's best to do so before you establish task dependencies. When you cut or move a task or resource, application not reestablishes task dependencies.

In the ID field, select the task or resource that you want to copy or move:

To select a row, click the task or resource ID number of the row.

To select a group of adjacent rows, hold down SHIFT, and then click the first and last ID numbers of the group.

To select several nonadjacent rows, hold down CTRL, and then click the ID numbers.

To move the task or resource, click Cut Task or Cut Resource .

If there is information in the destination row, the new rows will be inserted above the destination row.

When copying a task within the same project, the task's ID numbers are regenerated. If you want to move a task within a project, drag and drop the task in the task list to maintain the task's unique ID numbers.

Application copies or moves the following associated information with the task or resource: notes and subtasks, if the selection is a summary task.

Copy specific data to multiple cells

If you have entered information about one task or resource and you want to duplicate the information for several other tasks or resources, you can easily copy the information to all selected fields at one time. For example, if you manage a large resource pool for a project, and several resources use the same rate of pay, you can enter the pay rate for one resource, and then copy it to each of the remaining resources at one time.

Hold down CTRL and click the field associated with a single task or resource that you want to copy, and then click the fields you want to fill or paste into.

You can also copy information and repeat patterns by using the fill handle. Select the information you want to copy. Click the fill handle at the lower-right corner of the selected information, and then drag to include the fields where you want to repeat the selection.

The information you fill or paste must be the same type as the field into which you are pasting. For example, you can paste names into a text field and costs into a currency field.

You can fill or paste into only those fields that accept entered or default values. You cannot fill fields with information that contains calculated values, such as a variance field.

Use caution when pasting dates in scheduling fields, such as StartFinishActual Start, or Actual Finish. You may set an unintended constraint on your schedule.

Copy or move information in a field

Select the fields you want to copy or move.

To move the contents of the field, click Cut Cell​

Select the fields where you want to paste the selection.

Click Paste

When you use the Cut command to move the contents of a calculated or entered field, the field is recalculated in its new location​

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