Email Attachment

​To manage the project plan effectively and to share information about the project with other team members, application provides users with the ability to send the project plan to any/all team member(s). Using this feature users can send project plan and images through the default mail client.

In case of Project Viewer for Win PC/Server and Project Plan 365 for Win PC/Server products, Send as Attachment opens the Untitled Message window, with the project plan attached in the Attachment field.

In case of Project Viewer for Win Web/Server, Project Viewer Online Subscription, Project Viewer for SharePoint Server, Project Viewer for SharePoint Online, Project Plan 365 for Win Web/Server, Project Plan 365 Online Subscription, Project Plan 365 for SharePoint Server and Project Plan 365 for SharePoint Online products, Email PDF and Send as PDF options open a dialog from where you can insert the email addresses of the recipients. In this way, you can send by e-mail the current view to other team members as a PDF file, which they can view, print, etc.