Export to PDF

​Exports the information from current view displayed in PDF file. The file exported can be opened in and printed in any compatibility application, like Adobe or other.

When you save your project file as a PDF, you can share it with anyone who has a computer, even if they don't have Project installed. To this end, you must choose the view you want to export and then select the Export to PDF option under Export menu. You can also export your project plan to PDF format, by choosing to print your file to pdf format instead to send it directly to the printer.

Remember that a PDF or XPS doc is a snapshot of your project. You can't change it, and you can't convert it back to a Project MPP file.

Formatting tips

You can use some print options to change the look of the final document.

Click Page Setup - Page, and then change any of these options:



    Paper Size

    Page Setup

In the Page Setup dialog box, you can change options on these tabs: