Signal R

​Another possibility to share a project plan with your team members is to use the Present Now Start option, available under File > Share menu and under Team menu that allows you to achieve an online presentation of your project plan to other people from your team.

The Present Online is a utility that should be combined with communication among team members on another channel and it is not meant to substitute tools that allow online video sharing.

When pressing the Present Now Start button, a link for the loaded MPP file will be generated, allowing you to share the project plan live, copy and share the URL link with other users. All they need is an internet connection and the link you are sharing.

Users can introduce their user names and you will be able to see the list of people connected to the plan you are sharing. The connected users will see the project plan, as you share it. They are not able to do any action on the plan, since the menu options from application are available for presenter only.

Among the actions performed by the presenter that propagates also to the non-presenters it can be mentioned: switching the view, the dialogs when are open or closed. On their side, non-presenter users can perform a scroll in their view or apply collapse/expand on tasks so that all the team members can simultaneously be on the same page. Therefore, non-presenter users cannot execute certain actions such as changing a view, the presentation being coordinated by the presenter.

When you decide to close the project sharing, simply select Present Now Stop option to stop the presentation and the people you shared the plan with will be redirected automatically to another window.