Silent Install/Uninstall Project Viewer for Win PC/Server

​For a Silent Installation of Project Viewer 365, follow these steps:

  1. Use the command msiexec /i ProjectViewer.msi /q [KEY=REGISTRATION_KEY] [SEARCHMSP=1] [ALLUSERS=1]  [ADDLOCAL=Feature1,..,FeatureN]

    Optional parameters description:
    • SEARCHMSP=1 - keeps the Microsoft Project file association for .mpp and .mpt files
    • ALLUSERS=1 - installs Housatonic Project Viewer 365 for PC for all users that use the computer
    • KEY=REGISTRATION_KEY – register the application using received key in registration email
    • ADDLOCAL=Feature1,..,FeatureN – select features to be installed
          Available features: 
  • ProjectViewer – main program (required)
  • URL – open projects from URL
  • SharePoint – open projects from SharePoint
  • ProjectServer – open projects from MS Project Server
  • Box – open projects from Box
  • OneDrive – open projects from OneDrive (formerly SkyDrive)
  • DropBox – open projects from DropBox
  • GoogleDrive – open projects from Google Drive
  • TaskUpdate – edit and updated projects published from our planner products


  • install with registration preserving MS Project files association:

          msiexec /i ProjectViewer.msi /q KEY=123456789012 SEARCHMSP=1

  • install without any cloud integration and with registration:

          msiexec /i ProjectViewer.msi /q ADDLOCAL=ProjectViewer,TaskUpdate KEY=123456789012

  • install only integrations with MS services:

          msiexec /i ProjectViewer.msi /q ADDLOCAL=ProjectViewer,ProjectServer,SharePoint,OneDrive,TaskUpdate

To uninstall silently:

Use the command:  msiexec /x ProjectViewer.msi /q

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