FAQ Project Viewer Phone

​What is Project Viewer 365 Phone?

Project Viewer 365 Phone is part of the Housatonic family of apps designed to meet the needs of project professionals who are frequently on-the-go, with mobile device - smartphone or tablet - in hand. The operating systems of these devices and smaller screen sizes demand unique applications.

Project Viewer 365 Phone is available or Android, iPhone/iOS and Windows RT.

What devices are supported by PV365?

At present iPhones running iOS 5.1 or later, devices running Android 3.0 and higher, and Windows Phones running Windows 8 or 8.1 RT are supported.

In what ways is PV365 Phone different than Project Viewer 365 PC/Server?

One key difference is - on devices that support it - the use of touchscreen capabilities to zoom in and out, swipe, etc. The best way to understand the differences, is to download the applications and try them. All 3 platforms - PV365 Phone for Android, iPhone and Windows Phone - are available FREE from the appropriated online app store.​