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​Does Housatonic Pr​​​​oject Viewer 365 Web open Microsoft Project 2016 & 2013 files?

Yes, PV365 Web opens projects saved in version of Microsoft Project including 2016.

Does Project Viewer 365 Web su​​pport Windows 10?

Yes, PV365 Web is certified to run on Windows 10.​

Does Project Viewer 365 Web su​​pport Windows 8?

Yes, PV365 Web is certified to run on Windows 8.

Does Project Viewer 365 Web open files from SharePoint?

Yes, PV365 Web opens project files from SharePoint. For detailed information, please consult the Product Guide from our web site.

How can I set SharePoint to open project files with PV365 Web?

The first step in configuring the SharePoint Integration can be done at install time or later from Administration page by entering the credentials for access to SharePoint. The next step is to configure the SharePoint to open files with PV365 Web through web part file (DWP) that PV365 Web provides. For detailed information, please consult the Product Guide from our web site.

Can Housatonic Project Viewer 365 Web automatically load subprojects?

Housatonic Project Viewer 365 Web can not automatically upload subprojects on the server, so you have to manually upload subprojects to the server through your browser. However, the subprojects already uploaded on the server are automatically loaded when the master file is open.

How do you connect MPP folder paths with the user authentication provided from a browser and how do you set up the mpp path to allow access to those files?

First, you add folder paths through the Administration page. Then, the users can view the contents of these folders by accessing the "Mpp Folders Path" in the toolbar. The users authenticate as "Guest" (provided by browser).

How long is the free trial period for Housatonic Project Viewer 365 Web?

PV365 Web offers a full functional, 30 days trial period.

What versions of Microsoft© Project are supported by Project Viewer 365 Web?

The following versions of Microsoft® Project files are supported in the current release: Microsoft® Project 98, Microsoft® Project 2000, Microsoft® Project 2002, Microsoft® Project 2003, Microsoft® Project 2007, Microsoft® Project 2010 and Microsoft® Project 2016 & 2013.

Do I need a separate license for each workstation?

Licensing is based on concurrent users. This is extremely economical for large organizations as you are only need purchase licenses for the number of users who might be using the viewer simultaneously. The viewer may also be licensed by server allowing unlimited simultaneous users.

What software is required on user's PC?

The only software required is an internet browser.Edge, IE8 or higher, Chrome, Mozilla, Firefox and Safari are supported.

Does the Housatonic Project Viewer 365 Web require Active X on the client PC?

No Active X is not required. Other than the internet browser, no plugs or other applications are required on the user side.

Is there a maximum number of team members who can use the Project Viewer?

The Project Viewer 365 is completely scalable and is designed to support thousands of team members (and large MPP files!).

How difficult is PV365 for the new user?

The Housatonic Viewers are designed to mimic the look and feel of Microsoft® Project - users familiar with Microsoft Project functionality will find Housatonic Project Viewers to be a natural extension of the Microsoft Project interface.

What platform does the Project Viewer work on?

The Housatonic Project Viewer 365 is based on the Microsoft® .NET/Windows IIS server platform. Individual team members may access the Project Viewer from virtually any operating system with a browser and internet access.

How does security work?

Housatonic Project Viewer 365 takes advantage of the security features provided by .NET platform and Windows integrated security. Clients can configure application access based on their internal corporate security policies and particular project needs. In other words, the Project Viewer is as secure as corporate policies dictate.

Is there a way to set the page that a user is redirected to when they log-off?

Yes. You can enter the URL using the option "Log Off Redirect" in the Administration Page.

How can I view only tasks that have been completed?

There are two ways to do that: either apply a filter for completed tasks (use Filter button or Filter option in the Project Menu) or see the report for completed tasks (by accessing Current Activities/Completed tasks from the View/Reports Menu).

Does Housatonic Project Viewer 365 Web display precedence links in print and print preview?

Yes, PV365 Web has a new print engine that allows the precedence links to be displayed in print preview and print.

Is there a way to see column arrangements other than the default one?

Yes. You can use the Insert Columns button to add new columns or to change their arrangement. Another solution is to choose from the list of predefined tables available in Housatonic Project Viewer 365 Web (View/Table or right click on ID column) as well as from the list of custom tables (if any of the tables you want to use is not in the menu, click on View/Table/More Tables and select it from the list of tables).

Can I change the column width in Project Viewer 365 Web?

Yes. You may change the width of a column by manually dragging the margin of the column header (IE8.+ only).

Can password protected files be read with Project Viewer 365 Web?

Yes, if the correct password is entered when the prompt appears.

Can I print the notes associated with tasks?

Yes, you can print the notes by checking the Print Notes option in the Page Setup/View tab.

Is there a difference between trial versions and full version?

Not in functionality, the trial is fully functional for any project viewed but for a limited period of time.

Can I view just the tasks for a particular resource?

Yes, click the Filter button (or select Filter from Project / Filter menu), chose Using resource. from available filters, click apply, type or select the resource name from the dropdown menu and click ok. Gantt Chart View will display only the tasks allocated to the selected resource.

My project file contains filters I have created to display specific information from my project file. Can I still use them with Project Viewer 365 Web?

Yes. All custom filters you have created or modified will appear in the filters dropdown menu on the toolbar or in Project/Filters/More Filters form.

Can I view the tasks just for the current month?

Yes, you can see the task for this month in two ways:

Select Project Tab -> Zoom, check Zoom to 1 Month and click OK.

Select File -> Print from Main Menu and use the Timescale option in the Print form.

Can I View/Print just the task list without the Gantt Chart?

Yes, from the Main Menu select View -> More Views -> Task Sheet. Then you can print the task list just like any other view.

Is it possible to allow other team members to view the project file over the web or network?

Yes, choose File > Share and then select your method for sharing - ie email, link, presentation.

Is it possible to view mpp files by supplying a path (relative or absolute) to the tViews.aspx page?

Yes, there are 3 ways to do that:

Method 1: View files using absolute path, for example - http://localhost/HPS/tViews.aspx?mppfile=

You may publish your MPP Files on any Internet Server then simply view the file in Housatonic Project Viewer 365 Web by accessing the file as shown above.

Method 2: View files using a Virtual Folders path, for example - http://localhost/HPS/tViews.aspx?mppfile=

This method is especially useful when you have files on the same machine as the Project Viewer 365 Web, or on a Network Machine, but you don't want to move the files into \HPVWebInstallationFolder\Files\Mpp\ folder. In this case you may create a Virtual Folder to your MPPFiles path, inside the \Files\Mpp\ folder in IIS, and then simply access the mpp file as shown above.

Method 3: View files using a relative path, for example - http://localhost/HPS/tViews.aspx?mppfile=

This method may be used when you want to keep your MPP Files into the \HPVWebInstallationFolder\Files\Mpp\ folder and you need to split them into different categories into folders. Then simply access the files as shown above.

Does Housatonic Project Viewer 365 Web support MS Project custom views?

Yes, PV365 Web displays the custom views as they were created or modified and saved in Microsoft Project, including custom tables, custom fields, custom filters, text and bar styles, sorting and zooming, etc.

May I add more languages for our multinational company?

Yes, contact the sales department if you need to add new languages for Housatonic Project Viewer 365 Web. Currently the available languages include English, French, German, Spanish and Italian.

Does Project Viewer 365 support master projects with subprojects?

Yes, Housatonic Project Viewer 365 Web supports subprojects at any level. Once you open the main mpp file, you can choose to expand the subprojects' details by clicking on the (+) sign and select the location of the subproject.

Is there a way to see only the tasks of a certain level?

Yes, select the option Outline level in the Project menu. You can view either all the subtasks or the tasks from outline level 1 to outline level 9.

I am having problems using Housatonic Project Viewer 365 Web with the Netscape 8 browser (blocked pop-ups, Java script errors.). Is there a solution to this?

Yes, Netscape 8 has some security restrictions and you need to add the Housatonic Project Viewer 365 Web address to the trusted list. You may do this by opening the Site Controls and, in the "Trust Settings" tab, select "I Trust This Site" option in the "Browser Setting" panel. Notice that by default the option "I'm Not Sure" is selected which disallows the JavaScript code to run properly. Also, in the "Advanced" tab, check "Allow un requested pop-up windows" option if it isn't already checked. Click "Done" button. Refresh the site and the problems should be eliminated.

Does Project Viewer 365 Web support MS Project Resource Pools?

Yes, PV365 Web opens Resource Pool Files. After you load a mpp file, if this file contains Resource Pool, you will be asked if you want to open it too. If you want the Resource Pool to be opened automatically, just place it in the C:\Program Files\Viewer Central Inc\Files\MPPs folder (or the appropriate location where you have installed Housatonic Project Viewer 365 Web). Notice that the affected views by the loading of a Resource Pool file, where you can see the results, will be Resource Sheet, Resource Graph and Resource Usage.

Does Project Viewer 365 Web open User DSNs?

No, PV365 Web does not support User DSNs at this time.

Is there a way to open subprojects directly from the main file, without providing the path to their location?

Yes, copy both the main project (i.e. sample.mpp) and its subprojects in the C:\Program Files\Viewer Central Inc\HPV Web Server\Files\MPP\ folder (or the appropriate location on your server where Housatonic Project Viewer 365 Web is installed), open Internet Explorer (or other compatible browser) and type the address: http://localhost/HPVWeb/tViews.aspx?mppfile=
sample.mpp, then click on the (+) sign corresponding to each subproject. The subproject will then be displayed.

Does Project Viewer 365 support loading MPP Files from Microsoft Project Server?

Yes, PV365 Web is able to open any project saved in Microsoft Project Server. However, the users will have to authenticate themselves before accessing the projects list. The authentication is done the same as in Microsoft Project by selecting either NT Authentication or Project Server Authentication methods.

How can I use a NT Authentication connection for Microsoft Project Central?

To set up a NT Authentication connection you have to set up proper rights for the Housatonic Project Viewer 365 Web application so it will be able to access the folders and files from another computer. To do that, you have to modify in your Web.Config file the identity attribute from:

<identity impersonate="false"/>


<identity impersonate="true" userName="youruser" password="yourpassword"/>
where your user has the rights to be authenticated to Microsoft Project Server.

How can I adjust my project plan to fit in one or two pages when printed?

In order to adjust your project plan to a specified number of pages, use the "fit to page" facility in Page Setup (scaling options).​

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